Nieuwerkerk, a charming village, breathes history and warmth. The heart of it all? Their centuries-old church, which has endured so much, from fires to bombings during the war. But look at it now, standing proud like a symbol of resilience.

The flood disaster of ’53, man, that was a tough blow for Nieuwerkerk. Almost 300 people lost their lives that night. It’s heartbreaking, but it reminds us of how strong this community is.

But now, let’s talk about the beautiful sides of this village. Nieuwerkerk offers everything you need – bakers, butchers, supermarkets, and even a cozy thrift store for vintage finds. You really don’t have to go far for your groceries.

And that old factory along the N59? Truly a piece of history. First, they extracted red dye from madder, later it became a chicory factory. Pretty cool, right? The building is still visible from the road, as if it reminds us of where we come from.

But if you prefer nature more, you should visit the Steenzwaan Creek. An oasis of peace, once a riverbed, now a beautiful nature reserve. With binoculars, you can spot the most beautiful birds, from avocets to spoonbills. In spring, you can even hear the warbler singing, back from its long journey.